Dubai is a place that many people from around the world – and mostly from the local country – choose as their holiday destination. It is not only known as a financial center but also for its great numbers of tourists.

 UAE citizens choose Dubai as their travel destination 
The theory above is confirmed by a recent research made by the travel search website Wego. It states that Dubai is by the second most appealing and prevalent destination among Saudis when a family is planning a holiday voyage (after Istanbul). The main reason seems to be the huge and stylish  shopping malls, the great range on hotels, the family-based celebrations and last but not least the annual events that the emirate organizes.
 According to Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing figures, the first quarter of 2016, the number of guests from Saudi Arabia increased 14% to 476,000.
 As said Mamoun Hmedan, Managing Director of Wego Middle East, North Africa and India: “There is for certainty that the shopping centers, big screens and amusement theme parks of Dubai are like a magnificent painting”.
 Dubai is an extraordinary escape for families and he also adds up that he believes that more and more families every year will adjust their holidays with some great events, which are going to be facilitated in the Emirate as often as possible.
 Furthermore, Wego’ s results shows that Dubai is among the top ten – 6th to be exact – well known family destinations for the UAE locals, who cannot wait to spend their excursions there this year.


Petros Stathis