One of the most discussed places, the famous Museum of Illusions, which opened its gates for Croatians in Zagreb last year, is going to expand.

Museum of Illusions
A new building will accommodate one more such a museum in Zadar, on the Dalmatian side of the country. There are also plans to open the Museum in other cities all around Croatia. 

Since the first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb, the interest of visitors was really big. People came from all around the country to admire the facilities the museum is providing. Guests have the chance to experience a whole bizarre world of illusions and even explore the impossible through every different room. Visitors can find many fabulous exhibits and wander in the unknown paths of illusions.
The announcement of the new Museum of Illusions in Zadar was set in its official facebook page, but there is no information for the exact place yet. The museum will have many commons with the one in Zagreb, but it is also going to have a special attraction.
“The water flows uphill in a room that can defy gravity, your friends, partners or family can grow tall or even shrink in an instant, you can walk on the ceiling, you can serve somebody`s head on a tray and of course take a photo of your accomplishments in the Rotated Room. You can see every possible illusion it can be. They are entertaining and brilliant reminders that our perception of the world is sometimes just a perception,” this is the way the Museum of Illusions introduces to its visitors.


Petros Stathis