Hotel Hilton Montenegro opening by the end of the month: Citizens will be allowed to use spa too

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Hotel Hilton Montenegro, whose construction cost 47 million euros, will be officially open in 15 to 20 days, said the owner of the hotel, Zarko Buric.

He said that the hotel started with test work, but that there are still some small issues to be taken care of in order for it to be officially open. He said that total investment was 47 million euros, although it was initially planned to be 44 million euros.

“We exceeded the budget by three million, because there were some unplanned works, some things turned out to be more expensive than we expected", explained Buric. He said that Hilton is bringing its own experience and new standards in hotel business. “This is a good mix of our investment and their knowledge and experience. I think that Hilton hotel will become a symbol of Podgorica, just like hotel Crna Gora used to be a symbol of Titograd", said Buric.

Executive director, Haluk Bilgili, said that 170 people are employed by the hotel, out of which majority is from Podgorica and cities from all over Montenegro, including some of the workers from the old hotel.

Bilgili added that hotel will be open for all citizens. “You don't have to use accomodation in order to be allowed to use public areas, including spa", said Bilgili. According to him, the interest is already big, and they have already sent out many offers.


Petros Stathis