According to Dubai Municipality, a new project by the name Dubai Conference Center (Arena) is about to completely come to life in two years from now. The announcement of the construction of that venue was made on Sunday and it is believed that it will reach the amount of Dh 1.8 billion.

Dubai Conference Centre (Arena)
The Arena project will consist of two hotels –a three star hotel and a four star hotel - and an office construction. A magnificent convention corridor will exist in order for the buildings to host various exhibitions, international meetings, music recitals or even theatrical plays.

In a press meeting made for the named department, stated that the location of the building will be at Al Jaddaf towards Dubai Festival City and its extension will be approximately 55,000 square meters.

The building of Shaikh Rashid Hall will also be a part for the conventions, in the Dubai Conference Center project, and it will be in place to welcome 10,000 people at the same time. Moreover, the most recent and up-to-date pieces of technology will be used, like sound gadgets and silver cinema screens. Furthermore, five sub-halls will be created in order to host up to 1,000 persons each.

Mentioned as the “one of the most important tourism projects ever about to be completed in the emirate”, the Arena project will help even more with the improvement of Dubai’s status.

Dubai is about to be the first tourist attraction worldwide, since various exhibitions will be held there, emphasizing the cultural and educational range of the city.

Last but not least it should be noted that this conference center is also one of the greatest projects that will be accomplished by community in order to welcome World Expo 2020.


Petros Stathis