The new liquid sweetener, Truvia Nectar, has been recently released to the market by Cargill. Combining honey, stevia and sugar, it offers all the taste, texture and quality of honey but has half of its calories.

Truvia Nectar
The company chose honey as the main ingredient because of its popularity to the consumers and special pleasant mouth feel.

Brian Nau, global Truvia brand leader for Cargill, stated that the stevia contained to the blend provides 200 to 300 times sweeter taste than sugar. So consumers will need to use half of the usual quantity in order to achieve the same sweetness as honey. Plus it has half of honey’s calories.

Truvia sweetener packets have 0 calories and contain stevia extracts. More specifically a Truvia baking blend of Truvia and sugar comes with 75% fewer calories per serving compared to sugar. A Truvia brown sugar blend on the other hand, contains Truvia and brown sugar and has 75% fewer calories compared to brown sugar.

The other ingredients in the mixture are also very important. As honey has the natural trend to crystallize, sugar helps to minimize this effect. It also helps to blend the flavors.

Mr. Nau said that Truvia Nectar can be used like honey in cereal, oat flakes, bread spread, cold and hot beverages. The product’s site contains a list of 20 recipes with Truvia Nectar, from sweet to salted meals and snacks.

The suggested retail price of the sweetener is $3.99 for a 100-gram/3.52-oz squeeze bottle and $6.99 for a 300-gram/10.58-oz squeeze bottle. Soon enough the product will be available worldwide. It is already available for purchase in Hy-Vee, Target and Publix stores.


Petros Stathis