Smart Label, is a new digital tool, which was designed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association in order to improve the communication between the food industry and consumers.

digital food Smart Label
In fact, this new digital platform is actually a food guide that informs consumers via electronics, about the ingredients, the nutritional value, the mode of production and manufacture of standard products. It was released in December and its developers already see new perspectives.
Jim Flannery, senior executive vice-president of operations and industry affairs for the G.M.A, stated that in our days more and more consumers are interested in learning all the details for their food and this is something the food industry should take account of. So Smart Label is the answer to this case. Chris Policinski, president and chief executive officer of Land O’ Lakes, Inc., also believes that Smart Label is a very useful tool for a better communication with the clients.
Mr. Policinski said that the fact consumers want to know what they eat is very encouraging and help the food industry to improve. If there is a constructive dialogue with consumers, then the food producers can actively participate in consuming market and improve their selves. Consumers can see all the information they want for a specific food and brand just by clicking. They can also be informed about the selling points and also the way of production and manufacture.
The cost of this venturing was an issue at first, as it is normal for every new beginning, but David Darragh, president and c.e.o. of the Reily Foods Co. believes that cost is not a problem. He also stated that soon enough there will be updates that will improve the project even more. As he said this is a travel back to ‘90’s when Nutrition Facts panels were new and now, with Smart Label, consumers have the opportunity to learn almost everything about their food, by simply clicking a button or scan a quick reader code.


Petros Stathis