About a week earlier a new rule was issued by Sheikh Hamdan, in order to support low-income residents and philanthropic organizations by giving them shops and distribution centers for rent at rather cheap rates.

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At the same time, another rule was issued by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, which aims the assurance of the general health and safety in Dubai, and especially the food security.

The new Resolution that was issued intends to support the economic development, increase food security and last but not least wants to provide to everyone in Dubai safety and health. Moreover, Executive Council Resolution No. (50) of 2016 will focus on a strategic maintenance of all the kind of goods without forgetting about the consumers. The latter will no longer have to pay extravagant amounts of money for their nutrition due to monopoly or other reasons.

The Resolution tries to set up business sectors and organize the exchanging of specific products through dedicated markets. Furthermore, it targets the support of low-income UAE residents and philanthropic organizations in order to urge them to introduce themselves with the business and the commercial activity in general by giving them shops, galleries, stalls, storage places and work camps for rent at rather cheap rates with the help of government authorities.

At the same time, the obligations of the Municipality are going to be set by The Resolution. The Resolution, also, will have the authority to impose to Dubai Municipality the management, organization and supervision of the markets without disturbing the roles of other Government parts.

The new Resolution voids the Local Order No. (107) of 1997 which controls Dubai Municipality's markets. It additionally cancels any other decision that may renounce it.

The Resolution will be published in the Official Gazette and it will be active from the date of the publishing.


Petros Stathis