General Mills, one the biggest and most famous food companies in the world is taking farther steps in its food safety policy.

General Mills For General Mills food safety and quality is one of the fist priorities. An amount of approximately 13 million dollars was spent over food safety from the company, during last year, according to a state. The company also talked about the difficulties it faces in order to provide safe food globally. As a spokesman said people want more and more to be sure that the food they consume is ok and has a good quality. After those cases with the peanut butter in the U.S and the baby food in China, consumers are very careful, and beside the fact that these incidents had nothing to do with General Mills, it is still vital to reassure the company’s food safety. The hygiene conditions throughout manufacture and storage is General Mills first priority. In a video from Sanitation Center of Excellence that was designed to make people understand better the ways of production and storage and it is based on General Mills facilities. It shows every manufacturing stage and informs about safety controls and hygiene conditions.    The company wants now to succeed a safety certification for each and every one of its facilities, in all over the world until 2020. In order to get to this point, General Mills provides updates and shows the progress is making on this, so Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) will offer the company the required certification. Until now, 72% of company’s facilities are GFSI certified.       General Mills also focuses in employees training over the food safety. The workforce adequately trained on every food safety issue. Raw materials are very important too. So to make sure that they are safe and qualitative, the company chooses carefully the producers, conducts many audits, and trains the suppliers through educational seminars.


Petros Stathis