A few days ago representatives from Malta visited Montenegro to discuss about greater cooperation between the two countries in wine production.

Specifically, Malta's representatives visited company "13. Jul-Plantaže" and their team was led by Jose Herrera, who is advisor for competitiveness and economic development in Malta's ministry for economy, investments and small business. The trip of the delegation in Montenegro lasted 3 days.
Except of Herrera, the other members of the delegation were Adrian Scibberas, head of the parliamentary office for competitiveness and economic development, the counselor Charlon Gouber and Tiziano Mousu, honorary consul of Malta in Montenegro. The delegation was hosted by enologist Sasa Vujicic.
Malta wine 1
"13. Jul-Plantaže" presented to the delegation the activities of the company especially in the area of science and research. After this, they discussed the possibilities of a greater cooperation between the two countries in the wine production. Malta has a big tradition in wine production for 2.000 years now and some of the best wines of the world are made there.
The delegation had the luck to taste some of the best wines of "13. Jul-Plantaže" in the wine cellar "Šipčanik". People of Malta made some very good critics in the company for the taste.
The delegation made also important meetings with high Montenegrin officials and they signed the papers for the cooperation of the two governments in the areas of science and technology.
It’s expected that this Agreement will lead to development of both countries!


Petros Stathis