There is a lot of conversation about the last trend in nutrition, which is the called organic food. There have been many researches and studies in the last decades about the benefits it has in our health as it contains less toxics and more antioxidants. However other studies have proved that it has no significant difference from the conventional nutrition.

All around the world this new trend is gaining more and more ground in the business field. Many industries have been created which trade this sort of food. According to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, organic food trading brings profit of the order of $72 billion globally. We see them occupy an increasing share in every market.
But the biggest question is why we continue to only invest in ways to make our food healthier, when at the same time there are still people who die of hunger. It is everyone’s right to choose between an organic or conventional nutrition, but we must think that others don’t even have one of the two options.
It is obvious that if we want to help those populations we can’t lean on the organic procedures of production, but invest to more modified ways that could provide us with bigger food production. As in studies it is proved that there are no significant differences in the nutritional value, it is obvious that the proper use of technology could help the world to eliminate hunger. Plus it is way more safely for the crops to grow ok with a little help of fertilizers as this reduces the risk of damage or whole production loss.
It is more important to solve the big problem of hunger, before we focus on how to create vegetables that suppose to improve good health for a really high price.


Petros Stathis