A growth in healthy snacks and beverages sector has been reported the past years, as this type of food conquers the market day by day, according to a recent research from Packaged Facts.

Snacks made by healthy ingredients and organic raw materials are very famous in our days, especially with the worldwide trend of counterclockwise in quality, and as a result this sector is blooming. It offers what consumers are asking for: portability, healthy ingredients and transparent labels and packages.
Healthy snacks gain more ground on the market everyday 
The growth in healthy snacks segment was about 4.7% a year, from 2011 until 2015. This raise was especially perceptible the last two years, thanks to snacks that contain meat or trail mix snacks for 2014 and snacks bars for 2015. As Packaged Facts states, the growth in the sector of healthy snack will continue to increase in the next four years reaching a level of 5.7%, which in numbers is $25.4 billion until 2020.

The key to success for those snacks is that they cover the latest trends of consumers for free-from products. Some of them are allergens, gluten and bioengineered ingredients, with gluten free and allergens free products being the most popular. Other than those are premium and products with innovative flavors, bite-size and single-serve snacks, and snacks that respond to the general trend for a healthier way of life, according to the report.

The retailers are also trying their best to promote those products, as their producers spend lots of money to advertize their new creations. But there is more. Retailers also try to highlight healthy food in general. They provide helpful tips for easy healthy snacks that consumer can make at home and an easier access to healthy products and ingredients in their stores.

There is a general effort for counterclockwise in a healthier way of eating.


Petros Stathis