In our days, healthy food is one of the top trends and more and more people try to find it not only in their table but also in their everyday life. This is the reason why people want to make healthier choices even when they eat outside of home. But most, agree that restaurants offer very limited choices which in addition are very expensive too.

The majority of consumers used to see restaurants as entertainment and prefers the good taste rather than the quality. But according to the new trends, restaurants must find a way to balance those two.
Also parents are worried for their children's diet and want to have healthier choices for kid’s menus in restaurants, even if they need to pay more money for them. There is a remarkable increase in healthy food ordering over the last years. A big amount of parents admit that they aloud their children to eat unhealthy sometimes not only because they don’t want to, but also because of the lack of choices.
Usually, kid’s menus are based only in appearance and taste and they are very poor nutritionally. But restaurants have made efforts to include healthier meals for their little consumers. They must also have in mind that a dinner out is an opportunity for families to have fun and so it is very important to combine healthy food and taste.
Also more and more people pay attention to reduce most of the sugary products they consume such sweet snack and drinks. They ask for more natural juices or flavored tea and snacks like fruits from restaurants.


Petros Stathis