Nowadays we live in times of uncertain economy and changeable stock market. So many investors are just waiting for better times and don’t make investments. But this is not the solution! The solution is to go back in basics, food and water because the perfect time to make steady investments is when markets are unstable.

In the past few years, the price of food has been raised by 68%. In USA which is the most productive agricultural country, the citizens are lucky to have high-quality food in reasonable prices. But it’s not the same in the other countries and especially in emerging market countries.
In USA, citizens spend 14% of their income in fοod but in the emerging market countries this number can be from 30% to 70%. In India where the average citizens live with $2 per day and many children are malnourished, people spend 44% of their income in food.
The problem is what will happen in the future. The population is growing rapidly along with the rise of global middle class which is expected to be 5 billion in 2020. This is added to the pressure of the prices. According to the World Bank, the farmers should produce 50% more food by 2030 to meet the growing demand.
So with no doubt there is big need to invest in fοod and nourishment because the need for these products will never stop. Of course except of food investments, there is need also for investments in water. Over 780 million people all over the world don’t have access to drinkable water and that raises deep concerns.


Petros Stathis