Life will get easier for people working on bars and restaurants. Now, with this new application you can scan the QR code and order any food or drink that you desire.

Five students managed to get a place to the App Start Contest with their application, named DrinkApp. According to their sayings, they only applied for the competition in order to get a feedback for their work, take some guidance from people with specialized knowledge and above from all to meet new people from start-ups all over the world. The app is using the GPS data to understand in which restaurant the user is and let him order with a QR code.

After the end of the competition, the five students managed to finish a working prototype which was fully functional and was searching for stakeholders and users in order to help them promote their app in the Croatian market.

It is going to be a free application for the users. Although, the owners of the bars and the restaurants will pay a specific fee, which will be calculated by the numbers of orders received through the app.

One of the team members believes that people who are involved with the industry of food could see DrinkApp as an opportunity to make more money and promote their work. To be more precise, this application will give them the possibility to advertise a new product or even begin a new partnership with specific catering facilities.

The team is composed by five members: Luka Brkić, a student of Faculty of Economics, Ivan Ilić with the Polytechnic of Zagreb, and Luka Cindrić, Ivan Markusi and Lara Vertlberg from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and DrinkApp is targeting, mainly, large chains of cafes and restaurants that have multiple floors and balconies.


Petros Stathis