According to a recent study, from Lux Research in Boston, consumer’s tastes about their breakfast have change. More and more are those who prefer alternative choices for their first meal, so the traditional Breakfast cereals are facing reduce in sale.

Lux Research report shows that cereals appeared their first reduce in audience preference in 2007 but recovered and reach a peak of $8.5 billion until 2011. In 2014 though a new reduce was reported, the fourth in their history, when other products saw an increase in their sales. More specifically yogurt reached the amount of $7 billion and snack bars $5.5 billion. This, according to the research is a result of the new trends, as younger people choose alternative products for their Breakfast.
There is a change of lifestyle in our days, which demands quicker and more convenient ways in each and every aspect of our life. This couldn’t let our meals out of it. So today people are turn to alternative choices of food that provide them an easier and quicker meal, especially when they hurry to go to their jobs. Plus the new models for a healthier way of nutrition make consumers choose different kind of food that increasingly doesn’t include cereals.
Some of Lux Research finding are below:
 • First of all the changes in population, the last decades, have influence and change the nutritional standards. A big example is that children between the ages of 2 and 11 prefer different kinds of breakfast, other than cereals, compared to previous years.
 • There is a big variety and availability of snack bars in the market. More than 7.000 snack bars, consisted of cereals, fruits, chocolate, muesli etc are available and of course they constitute an easy and practical breakfast solution.
 • Counterclockwise in yogurt. The increasingly worry about health, has make people to prefer better ways of nutrition, such as yogurt, which provide us with many nutrients. So yogurt sales are getting higher, reducing the preference of cereals.


Petros Stathis