The last decades many studies and opinions have rise around organical nutrition and the benefits it has for our health. In 2014 an extended study from the researchers of the Newcastle University in United Kingdom shown that organic foods contain lots of antioxidants which help the cells not to tilt very fast and also are low in pesticides and other toxins.

organic foods
However the results weren’t welcomed by nutritionists and other health scientists who disputed the research and also claimed that it wasn’t even legal because of the methodology the researchers used. The study was opposed to the findings there were until then about the οrganic and non-οrganic food.
Some years ago, back in 2009, a governmental organization, called the UK’s Food Standards Agency published a study about the beneficial results of οrganic food and found out that there wasn’t any significant differences between them and the conventional food.
However this study doesn’t mean that we mustn’t choose the organic food. The results just show that there are not many or important differences in the benefits the organic food has to our health and well being compared to the ordinary food. It is a personal decision for everyone to choose the consumption of οrganic products, as they produced with less or no pesticides, they are more environmental friendly or they want to support the local farms.
The organic food industry is growing fast in the last decades. In many countries, dozens of organic farms are developing and they gain bigger market share. Although, those products have some disadvantages. The fact that no pesticides are used can sometimes destroy the crops. Organic products are usually available for high prices. So the question remains.


Petros Stathis