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The primary strategy of the Universal Capital Bank in entering the Montenegrin market is to provide complementary resources and skills to the financial sector and the country in general. These complementary resources include the solicitation and facilitation of foreign direct investment in the country and the development of the financial sector infrastructure with emphasis on the development of human capital.

Universal Capital Bank is a prestigious bank whose primary objective is a major vehicle for the development of Montenegro as an important regional center of financial services and high quality leisure industry.

UCB plans to actively pursue investment banking advisory services. Indicatively these will include: Coordination and lead management in the public offering of public owned entities, advisory services in share capital increase transactions, consulting services to the public sector, covering major infrastructure projects or international tenders for the use of public facilities (i.e. concessions of roads etc). The capital advisory services will be complemented by the project finance lending that the Bank plans also to offer, so as to be able to provide a full range of support to its clients.

The Bank will focus its lending activity on large scale infrastructure projects which will create their own cash flow and therefore present a relatively low risk profile. The Bank in principle does not envisage lending to large corporate entities for working capital (i.e. short term) financing needs.

Deposit services will focus on products serving the needs of high net worth individuals primarily foreign. Deposit – Investment services will be offered in conjunction with private banking services and will be conducted through the treasury organization of the Bank.


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