According to the records of Central bank of Montenegro CBCG, a total of nearly 2.54 billion euro worth of loans were issued by the banks at the end of September, leading to 2.8 percent increase compared to August.

Μoreover, in comparison with September of 2014, the total number of loans increased by 4.1 percent. Τhe vast majority of the loans was given out to companies and citizens, at a rate of 72.6 percent.
Total deposits at the end of September increased for one percent on a monthly level at the end of September to almost 2.62 billion euros. Compared to the same month last year, deposits are increasing by 15.7 percent.
Term deposits accounted for 49.6 percent of total deposits, and demand deposits accounted for 49.8 percent. The remaining 0.6 percent were funds from escrow accounts.
In structure of term deposits most common are ones with one to three year term, they are 50 percent of the total term deposits. Deposits with terms from three months to one year are 36.3 percent of total term deposits.
Total deposits of the population at the end of September were 1.41 billion euros, which is 0.3 percent less than in August, and 8.6 more compared to the same month last year.
In term structure of the deposits by population term deposits are 60.2 percent, while demand deposits were 39.8 percent.


Petros Stathis