Some investors are fans of growth stocks, others of value stocks and some prefer a mix of both. It's difficult for a stock to satisfy everyone's needs, but there are 3 companies that are worth investing in!

1. Nike

Nike is the leader in athletic apparel for decades and everyone recognises it! Despite the huge competition and all the efforts of other similar brands, Nike's sales are rising every year. This year they rose by 14%. The most important part is that direct sales are rising every year and hit $6.6 billion in fiscal 2015. The growth of the company is even more impressive when you consider the money that its investors gain! Last quarter, Nike spent $1.5 billion repurchasing shares and paid a $0.16 quarterly dividend.
2. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft was for years the leader in PC business but now successfully transformed itself into a leader in cloud software. Active monthly users of Office 365 were 70 million in the last quarter and the sales of its cloud-based products rose to $10 billion. The company believes that the revenue of its cloud business can be doubled by 2018. In addition, Microsoft gained in revenue by adding Bing Search and Xbox into its Windows 10 software. It's expected that, due to the cloud sales growth, Microsoft will funnel increasingly more money to investors via its dividend.
3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bristor-Myers Squibb has something very precious. It has a revolutionary cancer medicine named Opdino. Opdino's sales are growing very fast and the company attracts more and more investors. Opdivo is already approved to treat lung cancer, melanoma and kidney cancer and it's expected that will be approved also for therapy in other kinds of cancer.


Petros Stathis