Petros Stathis, has a strong presence in the banking sector as an owner and investor in Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica. UCB was established in 2007 and has its registered head office in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Banking InvestmentsUCB has 3 domestic branches, 1 established International Representative Office in the UAE and 2 more opening in the future (India and Singapore).

During the first 5-6 years, UCB was just a small private bank focused mostly on financing a couple of big projects in Montenegro and some corporate clients.

From 2013, UCB started to grow and accordingly UCB’s strategy made a turn and focused on international banking, investment banking and asset management. The Board of Directors made the decision to establish 3 representative offices in carefully selected destinations.

UCB plan to support its growth in international and investment banking through the establishment of these three selected locations (UAE, India, and Singapore) to which main clients are oriented.