Petros Stathis is a dynamic entrepreneur in the area of the Balkans, with various interests and investments in Real Estate, Hospitality, Banking, Media, Technology and Food production.

Petros Stathis

During his educational years, he was active in the politics thus attaining positions in different levels from the youth organization of the party to being a special advisor in the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

After graduation, he started his managerial activities in advertising and marketing offices. After which, he established his own consultancy company, working with the biggest enterprises in Greece.

Always the one with an active and restless mind, he followed his passion and love for AEK Football Club in Athens in which he accepted the position of the regional CEO from one of the biggest multinational companies that were investing in European football namely “ENIC plc.”- former owner of AEK FC.

He managed to keep the club within the top positions of the Greek League and when the investors obliged to sell the FC, he succeeded to make one of the biggest deals in the Greek football, transferring the club to one of the biggest Greek media group – “Multi-choice”.

Mid of 2000’s he met his future wife who is a Montenegrin and he has then started to discover the opportunities this new country has to provide. Having the experience in real estate and hospitality, he focused on this direction that initially explored many possibilities of this new market together with partners from Greece.

The following period moved his base of operations in Montenegro and started to expand slowly but steadily in other form of investments which, until today, gave him a place among top businessmen in the region.


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